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Auto Detailing

Your car suffers minor cosmetic damage every time it leaves the garage.

Who knew? The environment is truly damaging to your vehicle. It could be physical contact from a shopping cart ding or stones and sand that kick up on the highway as you drive. All kinds of debris scrape your car’s paint. Even the air itself can make a car lose its shine while the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage automotive paint. Add in the effects of minor bumps and scrapes, sand, salt, tree sap, bird droppings and insects, and soon, even a relatively new car begins to lose its shine.

Automotive Detailing. Putting your car’s best face forward without breaking the bank.

Going beyond the standard wash, our affordable automotive detailing process will leave your paint and chrome finish looking its best. Standard detailing starts with a thorough exterior wash to remove surface dirt and stains. Next, we use a clay bar to rid your car of impurities and leave its coat as clear and clean as possible. (The clay picks up not just dirt, but also tiny deposits left by atmospheric impurities such as pollution or acid rain. These impurities are literally embedded in the surface coat of paint and cause damage to the protective outer layer of paint.)

Sometimes, however, the paint has oxidized, or damaged beyond what polish can fix. This calls for a special compound to counteract the damage. Both the cleaning process and the paint compound leave imperfections in the clear coat. So once the car has been thoroughly cleaned, it must be polished. This removes scratches and restores the paint to its original condition.

Making a great appearance last. And last. And last.

Of course, such a thorough cleaning wouldn’t be much good if it was undone the first time your car took direct sunlight or was hit by dirt or rocks. That’s why our standard detailing package includes preventative measures as well. These include glaze, wax and sealant to prevent damaging materials from sticking to your car. This way, the damage caused by tree sap, bird droppings, insects and other potential threats is reduced or prevented entirely. After these elements are applied, the car should have a mirror-like shine on all the external panels and be protected from the elements.

Finally, we’ll remove the dirt and stains on your interior upholstery and carpet, too. Plus, the interior paneling and glass will also be cleaned to shine like new.

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